Christmas Pudding Brownies

I have had the most hectic Christmas ever. My sister got married two days before Christmas so all my time up until then was spent fulfilling bridesmaid duties, meaning I had to do everything for Christmas on Christmas eve, which was stress. Although the champagne definitely helped me through. I’ve spent a solid five days, starting with the wedding, being massively full and slightly drunk, and I don’t intend to give that up just yet. I’m using the excuse of ‘using up leftovers is a good thing’ to justify my continuation of eating. This means turkey sandwiches for breakfast every day (hint: dry fry the bread with leftover cheese board cheeses until melted then top with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayo etc. to make turkey sandwiches extra yum) and these brownies.


Making these brownies look pretty was incredibly difficult, but what they lack in beauty they make up for in yum-ness


I took inspiration for these from the Waitrose recipe while browsing leftover recipes like the sad, sad person I am. I made a few little changes. I reduced the amount of Christmas pudding I put in to about 250g and added 60g of walnuts and a handful of white chocolate chips. I’ve grown up with Delia’s American brownies which have walnuts in, so any brownie without them is immediately inadequate as far as I’m concerned. But the beauty of brownies is you can pretty much add anything to them (within reason); leftover mince pies, almonds, dates etc.

If it weren’t for these brownies our leftover Christmas pudding would definitely be binned because, as much as I love the stuff, the only time I would ever want to eat it is Christmas day. Thinking about it now, maybe thats because I’m drunk on Christmas day and in sober reality I don’t actually like it… Anyway these brownies are super yummy, they’re seriously fudgey and dense and the Christmas pudding only makes them richer.

If I were to do this again I think I’d use my favourite brownie recipe (Delia all the way) and add in the extras just because I personally like brownies a little bit less intense than this Waitrose recipe. And it also means I could eat more of them before getting too full which is always a good thing.

So now you can all stop worrying about what to do with that leftover Christmas pud, all thanks to me (and of course Waitrose, my inspo). Hope you all had a great Christmas, and if anyone makes this I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what extras you add and how it goes.

Meg x


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