2016 Beauty Favourites

There has been so much makeup I’ve loved in 2016, I’ve found it so difficult to narrow it down. 2016 has been a big year for beauty trends; baking and contouring hit the mainstream and lip trends did a full 360 from matte to gloss. After much deliberation (not joking, I’ve thought about this for a long time, hence why this post is so late..), I’ve managed to choose my 2016 beauty favourites, so here you go!


Look how pretty!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I know I’m a bit late to this bandwagon but better late than never eh. This foundation is INCREDIBLE, the coverage is so full and it feels surprisingly light on the skin. My usual go to foundation is NARs sheer glow, but I ran out over Christmas and decided to try something new and it was 100% worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love sheer glow but it doesn’t technically qualify as a 2016 favourite because I’ve been using it for more than just this year.  Anyway back to Born This Way. Despite the insane coverage, it doesn’t look at all cakey. And honestly the colour is perfect for my skin which is super surprising because I stupidly didn’t test it on my skin before buying… Worked out pretty well in the end!

Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafè

I got this pretty late in the year (it was a Christmas present) but it definitely qualifies. Firstly the packaging is seriously cute, secondly the blushes and bronzer are scented (and actually smells good?!) and thirdly the product itself is really good quality. The eyeshadows, blushes and bronzer are really pigmented and bend beautifully. There is a huge variety of eyeshadow colours in matte and glittery. The two blushes are matte and look really pretty on, theres a rosey pink and a coral.

Benefit Dew The Hoola Liquid Bronzer

This was my go to bronzer over summer, so much so I managed to use it all up in about a month… For some reason I still haven’t repurchased this but after writing this post, I definitely am. I love how matte and easily bendable this is, and it looks super natural on the skin (also the packaging is gorge). I used this product to contour, warm up my face and, when my foundation inevitably became too light for my tanned summer skin, I mixed it with a little of this. Definitely a cheaper option than repurchasing foundation that I knew wouldn’t match my skin as soon as I left the sun.


Kylie Jenner Matte Lipkits

Over 2016 I bought 3 matte lip kits in Candy K, Kristen and Dirty Peach (and one metal lipstick in in King Metal). The matte lip kits have THE best lasting power I have ever seen in a lipstick and they are sooo pigmented. They don’t cope so well with greasy food, but you can always reapply afterwards. Living in England, these can be really expensive with all the delivery charges but honestly I would say they’re worth it, maybe buy in bulk though to spread the delivery charge (it makes sense in my head). They apply so smoothly with no streaks and dry quickly.

MAC Lustreglass in Lustre White

Definitely one of my number one lip products in 2016. This looks great on its own or on top of another lipstick to add glossiness and sparkle. I started 2016 totally in love with the matte lip and ended it being an equal fan of the glossy lip. This product lets me change any of my matte products into gloss. One of my favourite looks is Candy K lipkit on the outer edges of the lip, blend Dirty Peach into the centre and, once this dried, cover it in this gloss. I have a bad feeling this might have been discontinued, I’m just gonna have to make this one last as long as possible.

Collection Glam Crystals

This is super surprising favourite for me. I got the colours Glitz (which is just a silver glitter) and Dig It! (which is gold and black glitter mixed). They were crazy cheap and as good as any high end glitter liner I’ve used before. My usual issue with glitter liner is that nowhere near enough glitter comes off so you end up with only a few specs. These liners actually give you a full line of glitter, crazy I know. These were definitely life savers over Christmas. I came up with some of the easiest and quickest Christmassy looks with these. I did all these looks with a simple black cat-eye eyeliner first (I used MAC liquid eyeliner in Boot Black), lashes are MAC 33 (I am in desperate need of an eyebrow wax, I know).

  1. First look; I used the silver to highlight my inner corner, super easy but is really effective.
  2. Second look; Using the silver again I lined completely under my eye.
  3. Third look; Using the black and gold glitter I went over the black eyeliner on my lid.

All off these take like 30 seconds to do and look really good.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

So obviously this stuff makes your makeup stay flawless all day and night (I mean like forever) but it also takes away some of the fake-ness look of makeup, if you know what I mean? So when you’ve freshly powdered, bronzed, blushed and highlighted, your face can be left looking pretty unrealistically matte. This spray adds a bit of dewy finish to makeup to make your skin look a little more life-like and awake. For me it just completes a look and brings everything together.

Laura Mercier Fan Brush

This brush has stepped up my highlighter game about 1000x. I don’t know how much more I can say about this beautiful, beautiful brush other than it makes my cheeks glow like the sun.


Vaseline is my life long beauty fave. Its a life saver in so many situations. Firstly, and obviously, keeps my lips hydrated. Secondly,  I use it to step up my highlighter game (even more on top of the brush); dab some vaseline to the top of your cheekbones then brush over the highlighter. Makes your cheeks dewier and gives something for more of the highlighter to stick to. Lastly it works weirdly well as an overnight under-eye cream. I always have like five pots of vaseline lying around at any one time. Much love for vaseline.

So those were my 2016 favourites. I had to narrow down an insanely long list to get these, they are my absolute favourite and must-have products that I found in 2016 (apart from the vaseline, obviously I’ve been using that for much longer but I feel like it never gets the credit it deserves). 2016 has a big makeup year for me, very excited for how my collection will in expand in 2017. There are already so many exciting new products that I’m DYING to try!

Meg x

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    • megcupcakesandmakeup says:

      I’m a big fan of the matte lipsticks, the pigmentation is amazing and super smooth to apply, but the shipping to the UK and cost to get through customs is super expensive which puts me off buying more. I find the Mac liquid lipsticks are quite similar and much easier to get your hands on!

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