Mothers Day

Apologies for my 2 month hiatus, I’ve been very stressed at university and I stupidly don’t own a camera… Im back home now so will continue to steal my dad’s camera for the time being, but I am finally going to buy my own!

Anyway, back to Mothers day. My mum managed to get herself 2 mother’s days this year. Last week we went to Darwin Brasserie in the Sky Garden because it was one of the rare times my brother is in the country (he lives in Amsterdam). Me and all the fam spent the morning in my sister’s apartment drinking Mumm champagne, obviously, then tubed over to the ‘walkie-talkie’ building as my family so ridiculously call it. The best thing about the Sky Garden is the insane view of London. The food was also pretty good! Unlimited starters and desserts, which is never a bad thing, and roast beef, sadly the Yorkshire puddings were not unlimited because I probably would still be there. It was a really lovely day, mostly because the whole family was together which doesn’t usually happen, and I got eat food that wasn’t a ready meal and drink wine that costs more than £5.


Weirdly Victorian-style family portrait in the Sky Garden

I used the actual Mother’s Days as an excuse to bake something yummy (a luxury I don’t get with the table top oven I have in my university house). I let my mum choose what I baked being the kind and thoughtful daughter I am. She chose well: maple pecan cinnamon buns. This is something I make pretty regularly because they are SO DAMN TASTY. I use the BBC Good Food recipe and add a cream cheese glaze. I usually just make up the glaze but it involves 100g of cream cheese, 50g of butter, a couple of table spoons of maple syrup, a splash of vanilla and enough icing sugar to make is as sweet as I wanted. I then added whole milk to make it glaze-consistency. I also made my mum a brunch (at lunch-time because my god was I hungover) of avocado on griddled sourdough with grilled prosciutto and a fried egg. Very yummy, and a brilliant hangover cure as it turns out. Later that day we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast, which is so good! I was in tears (which isn’t really saying much if you know me, I will cry at anything). My mum was disappointed the prince wasn’t as handsome as the beast, an ongoing annoyance of hers (bit weird). Then to round off the day we had a slightly-too-big dinner in Yo Sushi as is our tradition.



Check out that yolk porn

Not sure who enjoyed it all more: me because I have missed cooking SO much or mum because she got all the nice things.

It feels so good to be home and back blogging again! Its such a good stress release, I really should’ve done more during term. Anyway, I’m now probably going to bombard the world with blog posts because I have so many ideas collected up from the last couple of months so I hope you enjoy!

Meg x

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